Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence is a set of emotional and social skills that

helps you understand and effectively manage stress tolerance,

problem solving, reality testing (i.e. staying in touch with reality)

and impulse control. People with higher EI communicate more

effectively, form stronger relationships and embody a higher level

of self-confidence and self-control. These traits are valuable for

both professional and personal development.

With more than 25 years of research, the online EQ-i 2.0 assessments, which include an in person or remote interview, provides a unique feedback experience by quantitatively indicating emotional skills that need improvement.

Detailed, visually impactful reports help give a balanced view of a person’s potential for success.

The individual emotional intelligence assessment (EQ-i) helps you

understand your strengths and weaknesses. The assessment

measures an array of social and emotional skills. It provides clear,

understandable interpretations to create actionable strategies for

a sustainable and productive personal development program.

The main objective is to provide insight into your emotional and

social functioning along with an individualized report containing

data to drive personal goal setting throughout your development

training program.

The EQ-360 assessment contains all the features in the EQ-i

assessment. Additionally, this assessment - also known as a

multi-source feedback assessment - provides you the opportunity

to receive feedback from raters (e.g. your co-workers, colleagues,

managers, direct reports, friends, family members, etc.). The

primary goal of a 360-degree assessment is to give you a deeper

understanding into your social and emotional functioning from

multiple observer’s perspectives. It can be used as a means to

enhance self-awareness and subsequent behavioral change.


You select an unlimited number of individuals you would like to

obtain feedback from and invite them to participate. Their

feedback is aggregated which keeps their individual observations

totally anonymous (which is how any industry level 360-degree

assessment should be).


All organizations are comprised of multiple levels. For this reason

both the EQ-i and EQ-360 assessments are also available at the

leadership level.

Who Should Take The Leadership Level Assessment?

The Leadership Level Assessments

can be used when focusing in on

leadership development, executive

development and those with a high

potential for effective leadership.

The Leadership Assessments

compare your results against top

leaders as a benchmark (i.e. those

with an EQ-i score in the top 50% of

the leader sample). It also examines

results through four key dimensions:

Authenticity, Coaching, Insight, and

Innovation. The report also contains insights on the possible implications ofresults, and which skills have the highest potential of becoming leadership derailers. Strategies for development are discussed with the aim to attain true leadership potential.

EQ-i 2.0


A self-report used for the assessment of an individuals social and emotional skills.



A multi-feedback report used to gain insight from a rater group into an

individuals social and emotional skills.


EQ-i 2.0


A self-report used when assessing an individuals social and emotional

leadership skills within an organization.




A multi-feedback report used to gain insight from a rater

group regarding a persons social and emotional leadership capabilities.

Contact us if your company is interested in arranging on-site or

virtual assessments for team members.


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