Introduction to Agile Principles

A basic understanding of the Agile Manifesto and a series of

principles and techniques that improve the speed, quality and

delivery of products and services to customers. Agile is no longer

only for software development!


Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprise (SAFe)

A set of principles and practices introduced as a framework that are

an integration of the most recent thinking of Lean, Agile and DevOps

at scale. Instruction is delivered as role based certification programs.


Emotional Intelligence Assessment

This online assessment can identify strategies that will help to increase your Emotional Intelligence (EI).  Studies have shown that having high EI is what truly separates average performers from great performers in the workplace.  Approximately 30 minutes in duration, this assessment will inform you where you stand currently and opportunities for improvement.


Business Agility with Emotional Intelligence

Business Agility is being utilized in a variety of industries to improve

productivity, efficiency and quality. There will be a specific focus on

advanced agile principles and techniques to achieve business and

technical alignment with a consistent, sustainable delivery of value.

Attendees will gain an understanding of the Agile mindset and why

it’s so important in today’s marketplace. Also incorporated within this

courseware will be the topic of Emotional Intelligence and its holistic impact on individuals and corporations. Attendees will learn to identify and manage emotions in a positive way in order to overcome challenges, empathize with others and defuse conflicts. Upon request, we also provide specific agile training and courseware for Marketing Teams; Legal Practices; Medical Offices; Hospitality Services and a host of other industries.


Time Management Essentials

This course instructs attendees how to make the best use of the time

allotted each day, focus on the important issues, prioritize tasks and

maintain the discipline needed to complete them. There will be a

focus on practical techniques for identifying key time wasters, setting

boundaries, handling interruptions and maximizing productivity.

Participants will learn how to employ these techniques in their daily



Effective Change Management with Emotional Intelligence

The goal of this workshop is to assist you in gaining the confidence

needed to manage change. Change agents need to have the

courage to confront the status quo. With the right approach, the

process of change can be successfully managed and implemented

while minimizing resistance. We will teach participants how to

implement key ingredients of change management with emotional

intelligence - Calculating the impact of the change; How to communicating the change; Employ empathy to assist others deal with the change and providing a support system.


How to Navigate a Difficult and Stressful Work Environment

Aggression, selfishness, bullying, vindictive behavior. In just about

every workplace there will be colleagues or perhaps a manager that is

difficult to work with/for. Your options are, leave or learn to manage

the situation. We will provide techniques to deal with a variety of

behavioral situations. As with our other courses, we will incorporate

the effective role emotional intelligence plays. Dealing with a

difficult manager or coworker is frustrating and can impacts job

performance. This course will discuss appropriate responses and

provides tips for dealing with abusive, demanding, and incompetent

managers and coworkers. Difficult personalities are not going away.

So, learning how to deal with them and the related stress can be a

game changer.


Tell us where you are located.  If enough people are interested, we will come to you!  If you'd like to schedule a seminar for your company or team, please send us the details via our CONTACT page so that we can better serve your needs.

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