What is

Business Agility?

Given the constantly evolving business climate - the ability to respond quickly, effectively and with unparalleled quality to business opportunities as well as issues and risks is imperative.  Also important, is enabling relentless innovation and transformational growth with measurable improvement.


Business agility can mean the difference between meeting the needs of your customers in innovative and creative ways or losing market share to more agile competitors.  Business agility will enable you to make better decisions driven by agile principles, effective change management methods and applying emotional intelligence.


Being customer centric, business agility enables everyone involved in delivering solutions—leadership from both business and technology, operations, IT security, legal, marketing, finance and other teams— to synchronize,  delivering innovative, high-quality products and services faster than the competition. Optimization of business processes allows organizations to capitalize on new opportunities and improve existing ones.


Business agility is a proven ways to accelerate innovation and minimize exposure to issues and risks.  It helps to identify certain business indicators, enabling faster and more precise decision making.



















Business leaders can not escape the impact of the changing needs of customers, expanding market expectations, new business competitors and internal change.  Success can only be had by implementing flexible processes, smart decisioning methods and by empowering teams of responsible individuals with autonomy. These are the hallmarks of a truly agile organization.


Some benefits of learning and adopting agile business principles:


  • Learn from failure quickly and pivot to solutions faster
  • Implement a sustainable pace for delivery
  • Prioritize and synchronize work based on economics
  • Holistic approach with scalable solutions
  • Better coordination of handoffs between departments
  • Promptly identifies and manages issues & risks
  • Identify root cause of an issue, not merely the symptom
  • Elevate and addresses dependencies expediently
  • Open and honest communication
  • Establishes true trust and collaboration
  • Inspires innovation
  • Helps the north star of an organization to resonate


Let Intrinsic Agility help you understand what business agility can do for you.



Increased transparency

An enhanced approach to processes

Improved collaboration

Accelerated innovation


Lean Agile Enterprise Transformation

in·trin·sic [inˈtrinzik]


belonging naturally; essential.

synonyms: inherent, innate, congenital, natural

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