EQ 360 Report

How Can EQ Help Individuals to Grow Using Relevant and Constructive Feedback?

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Key features

Profile gap analysis

This innovative interpretation tool identifies blind spots, allied strengths, and developmental opportunities.

• Interpretation and understanding of raters’ responses and graphs.

• The Profile Gap Analysis can easily highlight where raters agreed with the individual’s assessment and where they did not, in one snapshot.

• Add up to five custom open-ended questions relevant to organizational goals, situations, and desired outcomes.

Each subscale interpreted from two different perspectives

The EQ 360 report is designed to allow you to view both the self-report and rater group results for all fifteen subscales including the Well-Being Indicator.
Self perspective

• Strategies for Action – The interpretation and development support section provides relevant strategies for development.

• Balancing Your EI – Understanding the implications of having a balanced EI profile can help you get to issues and potential solutions faster.

Difference between Leadership EQ Report & Workplace EQ Report

Discover crucial factors that may hinder your potential and receive actionable strategies to overcome them. Take control of your development and propel your career to new heights.

Leadership EQ Report
Workplace EQ Report
360 Degree Feedback
Profile Gap Analysis
Rater Response Summary
Leadership Bar
Leadership Potential Information
Executive Summary
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When to use the Leadership EQ 360 report?
When looking at a potential, new, or existing leader within an organization, it is not only important to gain an understanding of their performance in the workplace; but also for them to gain insights into their performance as a leader by peers, direct reports and supervisors. Included are the Leadership Bar, Leadership Potential Information and the Executive Summary features.
Similar to the Workplace EQ 360, the Leadership EQ 360 Report allows for an unlimited number of raters to provide feedback and provides insights into opportunities for development. The Leadership 360 report lends itself well to a follow-up with the same group of evaluators to compare results and track progress for potential or existing leaders.
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When to use the Workplace EQ 360 report?
When working in an organization, it’s important to be cognizant of the impact of one’s actions on colleagues. The EQ 360 report offers an in-depth analysis by having those that work with an individual and know them personally provide feedback in addition their self-assessment to provide a 360 degree view of his or her effectiveness and EQ competencies.
This report can be used for results specific to a workplace context, enabling career and organizational development. It identifies blind spots, strengths, and developmental opportunities in the workplace. The Workplace 360 report lends itself well to a follow-up with the same group of evaluators to compare results and track progress.
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Emotional Intelligence Model Overview:

Depending on your individual or organizational needs, there are a variety of assessments that can be used for individual contributors, leaders and  teams/groups. Reports are designed with clear interpretation guidelines and results-driven content.

Workplace Assessment:

Assessments can be an invaluable tool for individual contributors to boost their performance and career success. Assessment provide insight into strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to make informed decisions about how they use their time and energy in order to maximize their potential.

Team/Group Aggregated Assessment:

Regardless of whether a group works harmoniously with great collaboration and cohesion, or finds itself with conflicting opinions that affect the balance of the group, assessments can allow for deeper insights into a group’s strengths as well as areas where they can be more effective and develop to their full potential..

Leadership Assessment:

A person in a leadership role or aspiring to become a senior leader - can benefit greatly from taking an assessment. The information can be used to define an action plan for areas of growth or improvement. By recognizing achievements and opportunities for development, each persons unique professional journey is enhanced.