Emotional Intelligence Workshop

A professional development workshop providing the tools necessary for improving one's ability to deal with stress management, decision making, interpersonal relationships and more.

Agile team meeting of about 5 people.
workshop length
1 day/8 hours
Certificate after completion
Access to instructor

What you will learn

This workshop will cover key topics such as recognizing emotions in yourself and others, managing stress levels, developing empathy skills, problem-solving with accuracy, working collaboratively for better results, and much more!  From the experienced instructors and the interactive activities designed to bring these lessons to life, you’ll come away from this workshop with the tools needed to strengthen your emotional intelligence.

"Prioritize emotional intelligence [EQ] when promoting and hiring. As competition for talent ramps up, enterprises should recognize that good leadership demands high emotional intelligence." - Forbes Magazine

Learning Goals

  • Learn to manage stress levels better
  • Enhance problem-solving & decision making abilities
  • Develop communication strategies for difficult conversations
  • Build empathy skills
  • Learn to Identify and understand feelings in oneself and others
  • Utilize emotional data to promote & support fiduciary relationships
  • Strengthen collaborative working skills

Topics Covered

5 components and 15 related sub-scales:

  • Self Perception: Self-Regard  |  Self-Actualization  |  Emotional Self-Awareness
  • Stress Management: Flexibility  |  Stress Tolerance  |  Optimism
  • Decision Making: Problem Solving  |  Reality Testing  |  Impulse Control
  • Interpersonal Skills: Interpersonal Relationships  |  Empathy  |  Social Responsibility
  • Self Expression: Emotional Expression  |  Assertiveness  |  Decision Making

Who Will Benefit

Executives and Leaders, Managers, Directors, CxOs, and VPs
Individual Contributors
Contractors / Consultants
Individuals seeking Improved Professional and Personal Relationships
Team Members

What You Get

The class registration includes:

Personalized results from an Emotional Intelligence Assessment
Workbook containing tips & techniques for continuous improvement
Course certificate of completion
One-on-one session with a coach to discuss assessment results
A variety of learning resources to support you
Attendees must attend the full course in order to be eligible for the certificate
  • A desire for self-improvement
  • A willingness to candidly confront the truth about your behavior and motives.
This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn more about emotional intelligence. People in all industries will benefit from this class. It will help you make better decisions at work and build better relationships with other people. Whether you are a manager, an entrepreneur, or just someone looking to increase their emotional intelligence, this workshop is for you.