EQ Group Report

How Can EQ Assist Teams to Work More Productively and Harmoniously?

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Key features

Group pattern analysis page

View the relationship between individual scores and group averages in a visually appealing and easy to interpret graph.

• This page provides a visual representation of the spread of scores, which describes how close or far apart each individual group member’s score is to the group’s average score.

• Easily identify EI patterns in the group, helping you determine which common skills need further development.

Overview of each subscale

Information about each subscale is compiled onto a single page enabling you to see detailed information regarding the group’s subscale score and response tendencies, along with implications and developmental strategies associated with the group’s subscale score.

• Implications and strategies are specifically focused on the effects that group EI scores have on either a group’s immediate work environment or on the organization as a whole.

• Includes a download graphs feature: download bar graphs as an image file for inclusion in your group feedback coaching materials.

• Each EI skills page shows the distribution of scores for the group, allowing you to see trends not as noticeable when using averages alone.

People are a team and they are assembling a puzzle.
When to use the EQ-I 2.0 group report?
Regardless of whether a group works harmoniously with great collaboration and cohesion, or finds itself with conflicting opinions and strategies that can affect the balance of a group, this report can be used when looking for deeper insights into a group’s strengths as well as areas where the group can be more effective. Implications at an organizational level can be examined and strategies for action can further develop the group’s potential. The EQ-i 2.0 Group Report combines the scores of individuals that take the assessment in a manner that enables interpretation at a group or team level.
Specific applications for this report are:
• Providing group or team feedback on EQ results
• Team building
• Improving group dynamics
• Providing an organizational summary or report of an EQ program
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Emotional Intelligence Model Overview:

Depending on your individual or organizational needs, there are a variety of assessments that can be used for individual contributors, leaders and  teams/groups. Reports are designed with clear interpretation guidelines and results-driven content.

Workplace Assessment:

Assessments can be an invaluable tool for individual contributors to boost their performance and career success. Assessment provide insight into strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to make informed decisions about how they use their time and energy in order to maximize their potential.

360 Assessment:

Taking a 360 degree assessment can be a powerful tool for individual contributors and business leaders alike. Through assessments, they not only receive feedback anonymously from peers, managers, family members and close friends, but also benefit from the opportunity for self-reflection on the progress that has been made so far.

Leadership Assessment:

A person in a leadership role or aspiring to become a senior leader - can benefit greatly from taking an assessment. The information can be used to define an action plan for areas of growth or improvement. By recognizing achievements and opportunities for development, each persons unique professional journey is enhanced.