Agile team meeting of about 5 people.

Training & Workshops

Unlock your potential and elevate your knowledge with our dynamic, immersive workshops! Whether you prefer hands-on sessions or virtual interactions, we provide effective, engaging learning environments that allow you to truly absorb subject material.

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Interactive and Effective Workshops

Workshops are designed to foster collaboration, promote idea exchange, and empower you with practical skills. Register now for an unforgettable learning experience that will help you achieve new heights in your personal and professional development.
Collaborative peer-based learning:
Promotes diverse perspectives, increased creativity & innovation, enhanced problem-solving abilities and acknowledging feedback from peers. Collaborative learning can also improves critical thinking abilities and the sharing of knowledge between participants - which can lead to more efficient brainstorming of solutions to challenges.
Accountability-based learning:
Increases motivation and engagement while fostering a greater sense of responsibility and ownership over the learning process to achieve a common goal.
Situational-based learning:
Enhances communication, interpersonal and problem-solving skills by role playing different scenarios. It can enhance empathy for others, as participants must demonstrate emotional intelligence to understand the feelings of those involved in a situation.  Too, it helps to build confidence in speaking up or taking action during role plays that can be transferred to real life situations.
Role-based training:
Allows organizations to customize their training program to better meet their specific needs. This type of training helps individuals develop and refine skills that are critical for their role within an organization.

What others think about our workshops

It is in the name - "work"shops. If you are willing to put the work in, you will benefit from an immersive experience that will challenge you to be fully engaged.

An exceptional seminar.  I gained a lot of practical skills that I will implement immediately.

Martha O.
Director, Empire State Development

They provided cutting edge information for both professional and personal growth. I was intrigued time after time with information and eager to implement.

Charlene S.
Admissions Dept. - Hospital for Special Surgery

I feel equipped not only to manage my projects but to manage those I work for and with. The instructors are experienced and adaptive in keeping a diverse group interested and engaged. Increased my professional skills, worth, and self-awareness.

Ernesto S.
Senior Analyst, FTI Consulting

“The unending guidance and support have provided me with many opportunities and positive outcomes that otherwise might not have been possible.”

Michael M.
VP of Strategy & Technology Infrastructure

“I now understand how Agile is a philosophy that can apply to ANY team that wants to streamline processes, improve communications, achieve work balance, and simply get stuff done!”

Suzanne H.
Events Marketing Director

“I enjoyed the class and content. The role-playing in groups really helped me understand the content more. It also provided another approach to learning the content.”

Jessica C.
Sr. Business Operations Manager