Should You Pursue An Agile Certification?

For businesses to compete and remain relevant in an ever-changing environment, change and evolution need to be part of the process.  The move toward lean and agile workplaces has allowed countless companies through a vast range of industries to keep that competitive edge, reduce waste, boost productivity and improve efficiency at all levels of the organization.The concept of a business running as a “well-oiled machine” has never been more significant, and it is through agile transformation from the ground up (and from the top down) that makes it possible.

The Benefits of an Agile Certification

Whether you are considering obtaining an agile certification for yourself, or for an entire team, the benefits are apparent in both the short and long term.  Agile certification can ensure proven industry standard business practices and processes are employed, as each team member gains a better understanding of the needs of the company.  As each individuals agile skillset, awareness, knowledge and innovation increase, the business as a whole will evolve and grow.Agile certification can also help set your career on the right path, create opportunities for higher compensation and help you to reach milestones faster.

How Lean Agility Can Nurture a Systemic Transformation

The application of Lean Agile principles is the most recognized pathway used by business for remaining competitive on an ever changing global stage, especially at an enterprise level.  Lean and Agile principles are designed to keep everyone in alignment with the overall goals of the organization.  They include, but are not limited to:· Taking an economic view of the business initiative selection process· Applying holistic thinking across the enterprise· Aggressively evaluating alternatives - Set Based Approach· Accelerating value delivery incrementally - Cadence and Synchronization· Basing milestones on objective evaluation· Understanding Centralized vs Decentralizing decision-making

Lean and Agile in Every Industry

Traditionally, the concept of lean and agile certification was reserved for software development, but that is no longer the case.  In fact, it is being utilized throughout a multitude of different industries including financial, manufacturing, media, aerospace, retail and government agencies.One case study describes how Africa’s largest banking group, Standard Bank, was able to reduce its time to market from 700 all the way down to 30 days.  They also saw a productivity increase of 50%, a cost decrease of 77%, with predictability at 68%.  In another case study, Fitbit was able to launch a record number of products and meet the demands of the busy holiday season, having increased velocity by 33% year over year.

Intrinsic Agility Can Help You

The key to ensuring you get the most comprehensive and effective agility training possible is to partner with a proven provider that has the tools and the expertise to make it happen.  At Intrinsic Agility, we work with organizations of all sizes, providing full-scale training, coaching, mentoring, workshops and more.As part of our wheelhouse of knowledge, we offer lean agility training for executive and senior leadership, business operations, development engineering,  product management, scrum masters, marketing and implementation teams - all to help you keep pace with a changing marketplace.  To learn more, or to get started, contact us today.

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