Lean Business Agility: The Benefits

In short, lean business agility is the ability of a business to sense and rapidly respond to the changing needs of customers and the market with quality and flexibility.  It embodies a number of principles and techniques.  Although some have their origin in the world of software development, they have proven to be invaluable across the entire business enterprise.  Here are some of the benefits of learning and adopting lean agile business principles:

  • Learn from failure quickly and pivot to solutions faster
  • Implement a sustainable pace for delivery
  • Prioritize and synchronize work based on economics
  • Holistic approach with scalable solutions
  • Better coordination of handoffs between departments
  • Promptly identifies and manages issues & risks
  • Identify root cause of an issue, not merely the symptom
  • Elevate and addresses dependencies expediently
  • Open and honest communication
  • Establishes true trust and collaboration
  • Inspires innovation
  • Helps the north star of the organization to resonate

Case study results from implementing lean agile business principles:

General Mills:

  • Marketing, agency, and technology resources work as a single unit to ensure the customer gets the best possible experience

Air France/KLM:

  • The company gained 20% market share in the small and medium logistics market alone
  • More intimate relationship with its clients


  • Loyalty increased 12%
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score) at its highest in 17 years
  • Account satisfaction increased 10%
  • Highest ever positive sentiment at 90%

Capital One:

  • Raised employee engagement by 15%-20%
  • Better coordination of multiple teams working on the same project at the same time

CA Technologies:

  • Agile Marketing with over 100 team members across six Delivery Groups, each aligned with specific business units
  • Pipeline improved 20% with a flat budget
  • Campaigns can now be delivered in two weeks rather than 1-2 months
  • Win rate of marketing-sourced opportunities has tripled

John Deere:

  • Field issue resolution time: down 42%
  • Warranty Expense: down 50%
  • Time to market: 20% faster
  • Employee engagement: up 9.8%

Does lean agility finally have your attention? Let us help your business implement lean agile business principles.  Contact us to create your own training program.

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